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    Can I use bore water to top up the swimming pool?

    I had heard of people doing this but I am worried about staining.

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    Peter Addison

    If you want to use your bore water for your swimming pool, this should be done only if the water quality has been tested first, for health reasons. It is preferable to fill your pool with scheme drinking water because it is treated and safe, good quality water.
    Your bore water is likely to contain higher levels of dissolved solids, which may use up the chlorine you use to treat your pool and keep it healthy and free of pathogens (bacteria and other nasties). If you use bore water you will need to increase the quantity of chemicals you use (especially if the water contains a lot of iron) and this will add to your costs. Bore water may also cause staining, due to the dissolved salts and metals.

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    You can try contacting a professional in town who could give you a rough idea of how things are to be done rather than simply getting what is easy to get. I had such confusion related to the swimming pool construction at my house which is when I got solution from professional dealing in swimming pool design and construction

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