Bore water staining

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    My bore produces water that stains walls, fences and seems to kill some plants. What can i do about this? What is the cause?

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    This is a common problem with many bores in Perth, WA. It seems that your bore contractor may not have been sufficiently experienced in the geology and hydrology of your local area. Bore water comes from underground aquifers, which contain different amounts and qualities of water. A good and experienced bore contractor can give you a good estimate of water quality and quantity based on other bores drilled in your area. It seems that your bore takes water from an aquifer that contains high amounts of iron salts. When this water is sprayed into air, the iron salts oxidise and precipitate as iron; this is what is staining your walls and fences.
    This is a difficult problem to correct, as it requires detailed water quality tests and possible water treatment. If you want detailed advice, send me an email under “Contact”. Good luck.

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