About BoreWell Forum

Australia has about 1 million private domestic bores.

These bores deliver about 5% of all water consumed, about 1000 GL (1 GL = 1 billion litres) which is about 20 % of all urban water used.

BoreWell Forum provides services to domestic private bore owners, including:
guidelines on best practice planning, construction, operation and maintenance
independent advice and information on bore economics, costs, feasibility, trouble shooting and sustainability
information on bore water availability and water quality.

BoreWellForum encourages and supports the increased development and use of domestic bores and their collaborative and sustainable use.

BoreWellForum contains much free information. This website is not affiliated with any equipment manufacturer, supplier, or installer. It is independent and not biased toward selling a particular service, product or brand. I hope you find the information here useful.